The Place of No Return


9/26/2014 - Video


yoooo I wanted to make like seven different scenes of what it’d be like living with these assholes but I did these months ago and never finished them l ol

anyway I thought I’d show the shit I did and hopefully you’ll come up with your own ideas of realass time at 221B like it can’t always be lovely scenes of cooking and drinking tea these fuckers are dumb

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9/25/2014 - Video


Kyah! >.< 

Crédito:  Nabilum (DeviantArt)

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9/25/2014 - Video

"I’m not doing any of this to hurt you."

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9/25/2014 - Video




…you’re lucky I’m a stubborn asshole because these took way longer to make than I’d like to admit.

holy fucking shit

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9/25/2014 - Video

"This is the way I have choosen."

↳ Dedicated for Akahshi.

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9/25/2014 - Video


Some of the very best subtitles

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